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Vinum Zinfandel / Riesling Grand Cru vinglas 2-pack

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Produkt Beskrivelse:

Riedel Vinum Zinfandel / Riesling Grand Cru vinglas 2-pack. This beautiful crystal wine glass has an elongated cup that is designed to fit wines with the grape varieties Zinfandel and Riesling, which makes it well suited for both red and white wines. The narrow shape is perfectly accompanied by an elegant stem and foot which is the signature of the Vinum series.

Vinum is one of the most popular series of wine glasses from the Austrian Riedel. The series was among the first to customize the wine glasses according to different types of grapes and properties of wine. Everything to lift the experience to new heights, both aesthetically and taste-wise.

Height: 210 mm
Volume: 40 cl

Delivered in 2-pack
Dishwasher safe

SUN R-6416/15

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